Commons/Village Greens Update to the Welsh Commons Forum

Ifath Nawaz will be addressing the Welsh Commons Forum on 20th November 2017 to set out the current issues in this area of the law as this topic continues to raise issues for farmers, communities and developers.

Towns and Village Greens and Commons are a growing area of concern for communities and developers and we keep a close watch on the issues arising with wider interest to retain land for public recreation and proposed development as well as the approach being adopted by the courts. Whether you are a community group or a developer, we are able to advise all parties on the law and the issues they face with village greens and commons, together with our expertise in planning law, as the most reasonable way forward is to find a common sense approach in these situations.

For an informal discussion, please contact or call 07780 604 931.

Ifath Nawaz
Ifath Nawaz
Senior Consultant Solicitor, Setfords Solicitors