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    We understand that if you run a business your lawyer should be more than just someone that offers legal advice, it should be someone who can also offer strategic commercial advice, someone who is prepared to invest the time to understand your company and your objectives, someone who can offer advice quickly without always needing days to draft a response, in short, someone who’s got your back.

    At Setfords that’s exactly how we like to operate. We take pride in seeing our business clients’ businesses thrive, and we’re proud if we can play in part in making that happen and seeing them succeed. So whatever your requirements, whether you’re a start-up or in the FTSE 100, you can trust Setfords will deliver the legal advice and business support you need.

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    Our corporate law services

    There are a number of important issues that must be considered when setting up a new business and Setfords can guide you through this process.

    Initial considerations include:

    • What business structure should you use:
      • Sole trader
      • Partnership
      • Limited Liability Partnership
      • Private Company
      • Public Company
    • How will the business be funded
    • Who will manage the business and how will it be managed
    • How will the shareholders regulate their relationship. Should they have a shareholders agreement, and if so what provisions should be included to provide for:
      • Distribution of profits and payment of dividends
      • Future exit strategies
      • Future sale, transfer or issue of shares
      • Allocation of powers to company directors or reservation of powers by the shareholders
    • Tax the business will have to pay
    • Maintaining the businesses accounts

    Once the above matters have been considered and the business established, further advice is often required with regards its administration. At Setfords Solicitors our experienced lawyers can advise fully on all aspects of business administration.

    If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us on 0330 058 4011 or e-mail

    When buying and selling businesses, the parties involved are initially faced with a choice of methods via which that sale can be achieved. In the case of a private company the shareholders can sell their shares in that company, alternatively, and with regards to the sale of any business whether it be run by a sole trader, partnership or private company, the business itself can be sold.

    There are a number of factors which often determine which method is used, including varying tax advantages and disadvantages, the apportionment or disposal of liabilities, whether only part of the businesses is to be sold, or whether there are any non-transferable contracts, rights or licences.

    Once the method of sale is determined and agreed, the transaction that follows can vary tremendously depending on the size and complexity of the deal and the negotiating position of the parties.

    Setfords currently acts for a wide range of clients and we have extensive experience in the sale and purchase of many types of businesses, from small retail businesses to large multinational companies. Our expert solicitors are able to guide you through the entire process and can assist with:

    • Initial considerations, deal structure and sale negotiations
    • Preparation and review of non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, lock-out agreements and heads of terms
    • Facilitation and coordination of any legal due-diligence
    • Drafting, review and negotiation of the sale agreement and a any other contractual documentation required
    • Coordination of the disclosure exercise and preparation, review and negotiation of the disclosure letter, if required
    • Drafting and reviewing consultancy agreements, service contracts, letters of termination and compromise agreements that may be required
    • Coordination of any board meetings and preparation, review of any board minutes or written resolutions that may be required
    • Undertaking all post completion matters including all filings, registrations, payments, money transfers and all other ancillary matters.

    If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us on 0330 058 4011 or e-mail

    At Setfords our lawyers are able to assist with a broad range of trading, commercial and contractual matters including but not limited the preparation or review of:

    • Terms of business/trade
    • Contracts relating to the manufacturing and supply of goods
    • Contracts relating to distribution, agency and franchise arrangements.
    • Confidentiality Agreements.
    • Intellectual property protection and licensing.

    If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us on 0330 058 4011 or e-mail