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How much can I claim for work related stress?

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How much can I claim for work related stress?

Since 2017 David Miers has recovered over £3.5 million pounds in compensation for clients who have suffered work related stress.

The amount of compensation you can expect to receive is dependent on your circumstances and no work related stress claim is the same so comparisons with other Claimants is difficult. However, for each claim we will assess the following to determine the value of your claim; compensation for your injury (General Damages) plus any financial losses (past or future) incurred a result of your injury (Special Damages).

General Damages

General Damages, also known as PSLA (Pain Suffering and Loss of Amenity) and is the compensation that is awarded for your actual injury.

Compensation for psychiatric injuries is assessed on a sliding scale which is aligned with the severity of an injury. Please see the table below for a reference guide to the compensation brackets.

CategoryDescriptionEstimated value
Less SevereUsually where the duration of symptoms are usually less than twelve months, and the extent to which the symptoms have affected someone’s daily activities and sleep is low level.£1,350.00 – £5,130.00
ModerateUsually where the symptoms have affected someone’s daily activities, life, work and relationships but where the medical evidence opines that good progress towards recovery will be made by the time of Trial. The extent to which treatment will assist in the recovery of symptoms, together with someone’s future vulnerability to relapse is also considered in this bracket.£5,130.00 – £16,720.00
Moderately severeUsually where the symptoms amount to a disability affecting someone’s life in a permanent or long-standing basis, preventing a return to comparable employment.£16,720.00 – £48,080.00
SevereThe most extreme of cases, where the outlook for someone’s recovery is extremely poor.£48,080.00 – £101,470.00

In order to assess the severity of your injury we would obtain a medical report from an independent Consultant Psychiatrist who would examine you and provide their opinion on your diagnosis, recovery time, recommended treatment and ability to return to work. The expert’s opinion is used to assess your claim for General Damages.

Special Damages

Special Damages are claimed in addition but alongside your claim for General Damages. They are financial losses that flow from your injury. The amount of Special Damages recovered in claims are unique to each Claimant but there are some general categories of financial loss which can be applied to every case as applicable.

  • Loss of earnings and pension
  • Treatment or medication costs
  • Care and assistance for household chores, personal care or driving.
  • Travelling expenses

In the same way General Damages are determined by medical evidence, Special Damages should also be evidenced where possible. We would advise you obtain the following to support your claim:

  • Payslips, P60s and pension statements to confirm your loss of earnings.
  • Receipts or invoices for medical treatment
  • A mileage log for your travel costs
  • A statement from your partner or family member to confirm the care and assistance they have provided.

Usually the largest head of loss in work related stress claim will be future loss of earnings. This is because severe psychiatric injuries can result in an individual being unable to return to work or if they can work perhaps they are only well enough to return in a lower paid capacity due to their long-term symptoms. Subsequently there can also be a significant future pension loss if an individual has to retire earlier than planned.

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