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    In order to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of a business it is important to ensure that the appropriate arrangements are in place with customers and suppliers.

    The most obvious commercial requirements are contracts, aka agreements. These are necessary for the sale and supply of goods and/or services, the basis bread and butter of a business. But there is a whole raft of other commercial essentials to consider and put in place.

    Commercial Solicitors can help by:

    • Drafting/redrafting, reviewing, updating, negotiating and advising on general commercial agreements including:
      • Terms and conditions
      • Existing contracts and agreements
      • licences
      • Confidentiality agreements/NDAs
      • Services agreements
      • Supply agreements
      • Contract extensions
      • Deeds of variation
      • Heads of terms
      • Confidentiality agreements
      • Repair contracts
      • Letters of intent
      • Joint venture agreements
      • Collaboration agreements
      • Franchise agreements
      • Research & development agreements
      • Agency agreements
      • Introduction agreements
      • IP agreements (see section entitled Intellectual Property).
    • Carrying out contract reviews and enforcement
    • Due diligence on acquisitions or sale
    • Drafting/reviewing/redrafting and updating Ts&Cs and policies and procedures.