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    Setfords is able to provide a full and comprehensive service to those facing allegations of a criminal nature, whether this is allegations of a serious and complex nature or those that seem more straightforward.

    We understand that allegations of this nature can have a substantial and lasting impact on professional and personal life. The Investigation stage is a vital part of the process and we will work with you proactively to ensure that you get the best possible advice at the earliest possible stage.
    Wayne Horner

    Wayne Horner

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    Should you require a second opinion on your case or advice in relation to an appeal we are always able to assist. Fees are structured carefully and transparently. On some matters it will be possible to agree fixed fees for particular stages of the matter. For more information please get in touch using the contact form or call us on 0330 058 4011.

    Our criminal law services

    Investigations of business and financial crime is on the increase and we help to assist both companies and individuals. With more businesses taking on a global profile, we are able to advise on how to approach cases in different jurisdictions. Business and financial crime assistance cases and trials we help with include:
    • Corporate crime
    • Fraud
    • Insider dealing
    • Money laundering
    • Corporate manslaughter
    • Health and safety law
    • Tax investigations
    • Cyber crime
    • Bribery
    We work with barristers across the country to find the right level of support for defendants facing criminal trials. We know that every case is different, which is why we go through all the details with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you are getting the best representation possible. Horner Legal Ltd can also assist with licence applications and appeals under the Firearms LegislationSerious and complex crimes we offer advice on include:
    • Drug offences
    • Theft and robbery
    • Road traffic offences
    • Assault
    • Kidnap
    • Murder... And many more
    The wealth of experience available means that Wayne is able to assist with allegations of a sexual nature whether current or historic. In some cases, this involves experts having to become involved to assist with items such as computer-generated material. Requests are regularly received in relation to appeals against conviction and/or sentence.
    Wayne has been required to attend upon those in custody abroad to assist in guiding them through proceedings and locating a suitably experienced lawyer in that jurisdiction. Countries include:
    • Spain and the Balearics
    • Holland
    • France
    • Belgium
    • Monaco
    • USA
    In addition, Wayne has long established contacts with Scotland, in particular Glasgow.
    For most people, keeping a clean driving licence is clearly of paramount importance not only for the practicalities of work and family life but also to avoid the potential increase in insurance premiums. In some case, they themselves are prohibitive by their very nature.It is important to take the correct and proper advice as soon as you are notified that you may be liable to Prosecution for a Road Traffic matter. This should be done as soon as receiving any Notice of Intended Prosecution but before returning the same. In cases of Drink/Drug driving, expert advice can be important of the potential defence and should be considered at the outset.It is now possible for Wayne Horner to offer a fixed fee consultation upon request. Should you then proceed with the matter this will then be deducted from the final invoice.
    In the current criminal justice system more so than ever before, the investigation stage is taking longer than any court process. It is vital to be able to rely on the expertise that we can provide at this stage. Potential cases are routinely treated as though they are being prepared to go to court more than ever before. Whatever the investigation agency is, the matter is placed before their team of Prosecution Lawyers to decide whether an accused is summonsed or charged to attend court and face prosecution which can lead to a criminal conviction and potential imprisonment.This now allows more opportunity for the Defence to prepare the matter vigorously and be in a position to make detailed and forceful representations as to why the matter should not proceed past the investigation stage. In this area, Setfords can, through Wayne, provide a wealth of experience and a proactive approach to preventing matters reaching the court process.Wayne has numerous long-standing contacts with QC/Counsel who can be called on if required. A mistake made by many under investigation is that this process is there to exonerate them when in fact it is quite the opposite. What happens and what is said at this stage can all too often, without the correct advice, end up forming the basis of a case against a defendant and be heavily relied upon before a jury. The fee structure can be discussed and in some cases, it will be possible to agree fixed fees for various stages.
    Confiscation is an essential tool in the prosecutor’s toolkit to deprive offenders of the proceeds of their alleged criminal conduct; to deter the commission of further offences, and to reduce the profits available to fund further criminal enterprises.Read More
    The rise in HMRC investigations and tax-related prosecutions has also seen an increase in the use of Restraint Orders, Provision of Information Orders and a Repatriation Orders.Read More
    Defendants charged with tax evasion and fraud are often charged with money laundering.Read More
    • Serious Fraud: Defendants charged with tax-related offences are often also charged with Fraud.
    Read More
    • Benefit Fraud: When somebody deliberately claims benefits that they are not entitled to.
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    Unexplained Wealth Orders require a defendant to explain the origin of assets that appear to be disproportionate to their known or declared income.Read More