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If you’re looking for assistance with CIFAS marker or bank fraud marker removal, Setfords can help.

Dealing with a CIFAS marker can be stressful and complex. So, you need knowledgeable solicitors by your side to give you the best chance of success.

Jeremy Asher is a professional regulatory lawyer with significant demonstrable experience in successfully challenging CIFAS and other types of fraud markers issued by banks and financial organisations.

Such fraud markers can last for up to six years and can ruin businesses, the ability to obtain credit and banking facilities, and can even destroy careers.

In our experience, it is best to take legal advice immediately once you become aware of a marker’s existence. Failure to get challenges right the first time can lead to lengthy delays and, ultimately, disappointment

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What are CIFAS Markers?

CIFAS stands for the Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance Scheme. CIFAS is a not-for-profit organisation that manages the UK’s largest database of fraudulent conduct. They have over 1,000 member organisations, including the vast majority of financial institutions, who use the database to share and receive information about customers suspected to have been involved in or subject to financial crime, or those they believe to pose an unacceptable risk to business.

If you have a CIFAS marker, this means that a financial institution has concerns about activity on your account. However, unless you have been a victim of fraud, these markers do not show up on credit reports. So, you may not know you have one until you apply for credit or a new bank account and have your application refused.

CIFAS Marker Removal

CIFAS markers can have enormous repercussions for both individuals and businesses. For example, you may struggle to get credit, be unable to work in the financial services sector, have loans refused for your business, and beyond. Markers can last for up to six years.

So, if you believe a CIFAS marker has been unfairly filed against you, it’s essential to get a solicitor’s advice as soon as possible. In some cases, it may be possible to get a CIFAS marker removed.

CIFAS marker removal can be a complex process, involving contacting various institutions and putting forward a compelling case. It is precisely because of this that it is recommended that you take the advice of a solicitor who is highly experienced in this area before you do anything.

You can find out more about CIFAS marker removal by clicking here to visit our dedicated guide.

Why Choose Setfords to Assist with CIFAS Marker Removal?

As this is such a complex area of law that can have huge repercussions for you or your business, it’s essential to choose the right solicitor. At Setfords, our solicitors are here to advise you at every step of the way, from initially informing you if removal may be possible to putting forward a comprehensive argument for it.

For more advice about CIFAS markers and their removal for you as an individual or your business, please contact Jeremy Asher, our experienced and professional CIFAS removal solicitor.

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What Jeremy Asher’s Clients Say

“Jeremy, a first class piece of work, thank you. Well done for notching up another CIFAS victory!”

“Jeremy was exact and to the point. He resolved in three days my CIFAS issue with HSBC which I was unable to achieve in seven months. Jeremy essentially saved my business. I can’t thank him enough!”

“Keep up your important work on exposing this issue”
– Chris Lorimer, former Director of Barclays Bank

“You are doing great work Jeremy Asher. Challenging dubious ‘AML’ recording practices akin to ‘Post Office’ malicious accusation syndrome.”
– Ian Ross, Financial Crime & Management Training

“Jeremy handled our case with speed and efficiency. He resolved a major issue for my company and succeeded where others failed”.