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We understand people’s jobs aren’t just a way of paying the bills, they form part of the bedrock of their lives.

And if a job is under threat or a contract is being formed, we are in no doubt as to how high the stakes can be and why it’s so important that the person dealing with your legal affairs is as committed as they would be as if their own future was being decided. At Setfords that’s what our employment lawyers deliver – a standard of dedicated service that leaves you in no doubt that we care about you and your future.

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Our employment law services

Our employment solicitors are experienced in representing clients in all types of employment Tribunal claims. We have had considerable success in claims including unfair dismissal, discrimination, whistleblowing and unlawful deductions from wages. We pride ourselves on taking a strong but sensible approach to Tribunal litigation. We understand that many individuals will not have been through the Tribunal process before, and this can be a confusing and challenging time. We will assist you throughout the entire process, until either the final hearing of your matter or until a favourable settlement is reached.
A settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement)  is a formal document that both the employer and employee will sign where the terms of an employee’s exit from the business have been agreed. It is a legal requirement that you receive independent legal advice on the agreement, and your employer will normally make a contribution to the cost of this legal advice. At Setfords we have considerable experience advising employees in all industries and at all levels on settlement terms offered to them. We will negotiate where necessary with your employer to make sure that you are getting the best settlement in the circumstances. You may want to leave your employment, or have already done so, but have not yet raised the possibility of a settlement agreement with your employer. Where appropriate we can approach your employer with a view to exiting you from your employment in an agreed manner. Get your free settlement agreement consultation below. Settlement Agreement
Our solicitors have significant experience advising clients on, and taking action in respect of, discrimination issues. These cases can be very complex, and we recommend that anybody who believes they are being discriminated against seeks legal advice at an early stage. Our solicitors are skilled in advising on all forms of discrimination, with a view to resolving amicably and swiftly. Sometimes issues cannot be resolved informally, and in these circumstances our knowledgeable lawyers can guide you through the Employment Tribunal process.
There are procedures which employers should follow when considering reorganising their business and making employees redundant. We can work with employees at risk of redundancy to ensure that they know their rights and do all that can be done to avoid being made redundant. If an employee has already been made redundant we can review the process that was followed, and take further action if we believe the dismissal was unfair.
Both before and during your employment you may be provided with employment-related documentation. It is important that you understand these documents as they may have an impact on you later on. We are experienced in reviewing and advising clients on documents such as contracts of employment, director’s service agreements and restrictive covenants. If you are not sure about what a document means for you we recommend you seek advice before signing it.
Often when commencing employment an employee may be required to enter into restrictive covenants. These may, for example, restrict who you can work for when you leave your current job, or which customers you can deal with. Often the content of these covenants, however, will only be considered when employment is coming to an end. It may be that the covenants are not valid; it is important, however, that you seek clarification on whether these restrictions are allowed before potentially breaking them, as you could find yourselves being stopped from working in the future. We have considerable experience in advising clients on restrictive covenants, their enforceability, and how to protect yourselves after leaving your employment.
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