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    When you are let down by a professional, be that a builder, a financial advisor or even a solicitor, it’s easy to lose faith in the system.

    If one professional has failed you, why won’t the next? We understand that way of thinking, but that rule doesn’t apply to us. We are not only here to provide you with the professional service you expect, but to fight on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for any loss, damage or injury you may have suffered.

    We understand taking such action can be daunting but our expert team of solicitors are skilled in quickly assessing whether a claim is worth pursuing and how best to proceed. Depending on the case we might be able to proceed on a “no-win, no-fee” basis and we offer a free initial assessment on claims in excess of £15,000.

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    Our professional negligence services

    We will undertake a free initial assessment of professional negligence claims in excess of £15,000, to assess the merits and prospects of your claim in order to decide whether we can take on the case on a “no win no fee” basis. If we agree to take on the case, you will only have to pay our legal fees if your claim is successful and in most successful negligence claims you will be able to claim the majority of these legal costs from the defendant.

    These claims will usually be in respect of negligent advice and / or representation from which you have suffered a loss. This could include not advising or incorrect advice on problems or potential problems in a conveyance or a lease, negligent wills or estate planning advice, failing to advise on settlement options in litigation or incorrect advice which results in unnecessary litigation.

    Setfords has particular expertise in claims against property professionals due to our strong team of property litigators some of whom are also members of the Property Litigation Association. This could involve a claim for negligent works by builders, against surveyors for a negligent advice, report or survey (for example a survey, prior to purchasing, which has failed to pick up defects in your property) or against  architects for negligent advice on works, planning advice, plans or supervision of a building contract.

    These negligence claims can be in respect of negligent advice, preparation of accounts and financial, tax and estate planning. A huge amount of trust is placed in financial advisers and accountants as they are dealing with your money and livelihood and our professional negligence solicitors are used to dealing with these often high value claims in what can be very emotional and stressful litigation for you.

    Setfords has experienced medical negligence solicitors who specialise in claims against medical professionals for example: failure by a GP to diagnose, failure of a surgeon to warn of a recognised risk, general hospital negligence, negligent performance of an operation/cosmetic operation, dispensing the wrong drug by a chemist, negligent delay in diagnosing and negligence in delivering a baby. As well as the professional negligence claims against professionals detailed above we undertake professional negligence claims against estate agents, banks, brokers, patent agents, trade mark agents, auditors, auctioneers and actuaries.

    If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us on 0330 058 4011 or e-mail