Head of Family Law calls for change in law to help couples divorce without the need for blame

This week saw the release of England and Wales’ yearly divorce statistics, showing that divorces of opposite-sex couples increased for the first time since 2009. A rise of 5.8%. Joanna Abrahams, Head of Family Law has written for the Huffington Post about how the divorce process in England and Wales is outdated and damaging, calling for an end to the ‘blame game’.

Divorce, end the blame game

In England and Wales, the person filing for divorce must prove to the court that the marriage has irretrievably broken down by demonstrating one of these five legal facts.

1. Adultery
2. Unreasonable behaviour
3. Desertion
4. Two years separation with the ex-spouse’s consent to divorce
5. Five years separation (no consent of the ex-spouse required)

If parties wish to divorce after the minimum of 12 months the only mechanism is a fault-based divorce, unless they wait for two years. In her blog, Joanna discusses why couples need a better way.

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