BPI urges internet service providers to block piracy

It is no real secret that illegal downloading of music, films and other media has been on a steep increase over the last few years. In an attempt to counter this, the British Photographic Industry is asking ISP to block access to a number of sites for its customers. However, it has emerged that none of the providers have said they will voluntarily block access, and will only comply if the courts forced their hand.

The argument of many critics is that following the blocking earlier this year of another piracy site, The Piracy Bay, access to the site in longer term was not effected despite an initial drop, and traffic returned to normal within a week. They argue that alternative services are created to allow users to access the site via a different method.

It will be down to the business lawyers and copyright specialists and the court to see if this matter can have some kind of resolve before the rush for Christmas, which is what the BPI is hoping for.

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