Residential Landlord and Tenant – Repossession

Dambudzo Tenner

Dambudzo Tenner

Consultant Solicitor

A simple error on a notice or unintentionally failing to comply with your legal obligations at the start of a tenancy will result in not only delaying your ability to regain possession of your property but costly litigation where you may be ordered to pay your tenant’s costs.

Here at Setfords our specialist landlord and tenant solicitors have the expert knowledge to support you with your possession proceedings, or if you have already encountered difficulties after issuing your claim, to provide you with pragmatic advice to ensure a cost effective resolution, and where necessary, to offer alternatives on how you can regain possession of your property.


  • Free initial telephone consultation with one of our expert solicitors
  • Fixed fee services allowing you to tap into the level of assistance that you require, including
    • Procedural Compliance Check
    • Service of Notices (s.8, s.21 and Notice to Quits)
    • Claim Check: checking through your papers (notices/tenancy agreements) to ensure that your claim is ready for filing at Court
    • Possession Claim: undertaking all the necessary work for possession claims, including applying for a bailiff’s warrant
    • Template Bank – including tenancy agreements and notices
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