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Simon Chalmers

Simon Chalmers
Consultant Solicitor and Notary Public

Simon Chalmers a former Royal Marine is a graduate of BPP University in Holborn London. With a Master of Laws and Diploma in Financial Planning, Simon has been assisting and advising clients for over 15 years.

My specialisms are as follows:

Private Client:

Private client law involves providing legal advice and services to individuals and families regarding their personal affairs, wealth management, and estate planning. A solicitor with expertise in private client law typically deals with matters related to wills, trusts, inheritance tax, and estate administration. They work closely with clients to create estate plans that ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes and in the most tax-efficient manner. This might involve setting up trusts, creating powers of attorney, and managing complex estates.

Residential Property:

A solicitor specialising in residential property law handles legal aspects related to buying, selling, and leasing residential properties. This includes conducting property searches, reviewing contracts, arranging surveys, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met during property transactions. They help clients navigate the intricacies of property law, ensure the proper transfer of ownership, and address any potential issues that may arise during the process.

Contested Probate:

Contested probate refers to legal disputes that arise during the administration of a deceased person's estate. A solicitor with expertise in this area assists clients in resolving disagreements over the validity of a will, claims of undue influence or lack of capacity when the will was created, disputes among beneficiaries, and other contentious matters related to inheritance. This may involve representing clients in court, negotiating settlements, and providing legal advice to navigate through these complex disputes.

Notary Services:

Notary services involve verifying and certifying legal documents and transactions to make them legally valid and internationally recognised. A solicitor who is also a notary public can provide services such as certifying signatures, witnessing affidavits, and authenticating documents for use abroad. Notaries play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity of documents, which is especially important for international transactions and legal proceedings.

Outside work he can be found on his mountain bike, skiing or busy with his three young children.  

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