Saida Bello Saida Bello
Consultant Housing Litigation Solicitor

Saida Bello possesses over 12 years housing litigation experience in both private practice and the public sector. As a Senior Housing Solicitor at both Camden Council (2009 - 2014) and Birmingham City Council (2014 - 2016), Saida has successfully conducted and supervised high profile cases at the High Court (London), High Court (Birmingham) the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court as set out below under reported cases.

She has successfully managed legal teams of between 5 to 13 Solicitors, legal assistants and support staff.  

Saida possesses a Masters in Housing Law and Policy and was a founding supporter and committee member of the Social Housing Law Association. She is a serving committee member of the Social Housing Law Association (Midlands Branch) and she sits as the vice-chair of a local primary school in Bristol.  

Saida has published two articles in the Journal of Housing Law on Gypsy and Travellers’ sites and the implications of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 on registered providers.

Housing Litigation

Saida has extensive housing litigation experience including issuing possession proceedings in complex rent arrears cases, breach of possession grounds under the Housing Acts 1985 & 1988, section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 and other mandatory grounds for possession. In addition, Saida has experience of dealing with anti-social behaviour (ASB) injunctions under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime & Policy Act 2014.  

In addition, Saida has experience of dealing with homelessness, judicial review, unlawful occupier, tenancy fraud, legal disrepair and other housing litigation cases.

Housing management advice

Saida has experience of providing housing management advice in a broad range of areas including policy reviews, anti-social behaviour, unlawful occupancy, tenancy fraud, homelessness and judicial review cases.

As a local government officer for over eight years, Saida has had experience of sitting on cross departmental project management policy groups. For example, she provided legal advice to the Localism Act 2011 Project Group and Allocations Policy Project Group at both Birmingham City Council and Camden Council where Saida successfully advised assistant directors of housing on Housing Law and Policy.  

Saida has experience of devising and delivering training courses having worked as an in-house Solicitor in the public sector for over 10 years. Saida has delivered over 20 in-house training courses to clients on all aspects of housing law and housing management. In addition, Saida presented a training course on the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 at the Social Housing Law Association seminar in 2014. Saida has chaired a Capita training course on rent arrears and presented a talk on Bankruptcy at a Capita housing law course in 2014.

Saida continues to work for both private landlords, registered providers, local authorities and tenants. Saida is based in Bristol but can assist clients nationally including the South West, London and Birmingham where she has built networks. 

Reported upper court cases:

1. Camden v Kelly Stafford [2012] EWCA Civ 839 – Saida was the supervising Solicitor in this Court of Appeal case regarding service of notices prior to ending introductory tenancies.

2. Sharif v The London Borough of Camden [2013] UKSC 10 –Saida was the supervising Solicitor in this high profile homelessness case where court decided that it was not unlawful to offer split accommodation to a homeless applicant in exceptional cases.

3. Terrence Patrick Ewing v London Borough of Camden [2013] EWHC 961 (Admin) – Saida conducted judicial review case involving a vexatious litigant who sought to bring Judicial review proceedings against the Council.

4. Birmingham City Council v Mr C & Mrs Mondlani [2015] EW Misc B41 (CC) – Saida conducted a reported county court case involving the use of high court bailiffs which had a national impact and led amendments to the court forms being used by high court bailiffs.

5. The Queen on application of Rachel Edwards, Vernica Cole, Yasmin Saeed, Marian Noworol and others [2016] EWHC 173 (Admin) – Saida was one of the two instructing Solicitors in the high profile 6 day High Court (Birmingham) homelessness. This involved the wrongful accusation that the Council was preventing homelessness applications by failing to allow applicants to make applications or “gatekeeping”. The Council successfully defended the homelessness cases brought by 4 main applicants and about 12 other joint applicants. 



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