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Kausar Choudhry

Kausar Choudhry
Consultant Solicitor

Kausar is a highly experienced specialist in Medical Negligence and in Personal Injury matters. 

Kausar has over fifteen years of experience working in the field. Kausar has supervised and mentored members at the top 100 law firms dealing with cases from start to finish. 

Kausar acts for claimants and some of her clients may be struggling with extremely difficult circumstances. She specialises in cases of varying degrees of complexity and value across a wide range of areas of negligent medical practice such as brain, cancer, gynaecological, birth, obstetric, orthopaedic, general surgery, delayed prognosis, hypoglycemic hypoxic, negligent nursing care, incorrect prescriptions, negligent dental treatment, fatal claims and cosmetic surgical errors. Many of these cases understandably involve a psychiatrist element to them.  

Kausar is known to be personable and builds a strong relationship and rapport with her clients. Due to her dedication to her clients, several times she has been nominated as Client Service pledge Hero. 

Kausar is passionate about securing justice for her clients and states, “it is a great feeling to help my clients to seek some sort of closure to what has happened to them who are sometimes left with life-changing injuries. Whether that includes obtaining compensation to help them get better from the injuries they have suffered or finally getting some answers about the treatment they received, or even an apology from the negligent party, it is all of huge importance to clients and I feel we take a journey together to get those answers. Compensation is only a part of the story for my clients”. I pride myself on providing excellent client care to my clients. I am committed to assisting each of my clients to achieve justice for injuries caused by medical negligence and personal injury.

What I most like about my job is being able to see immediately the difference that my legal efforts have made in my client's life. 

In an orthopaedic injury claim, Kausar dealt with a claim value of over a million pounds for a client who suffered life-changing injuries to their hand and arm, leading to a change in career direction and leaving the client with physical and psychiatric injuries.  The compensation included elements of the future need for surgery, future rehabilitation treatment and loss of earnings. 

In a minor claim, during the birth, the child suffered severe injuries to the shoulder which could easily have been avoided by advising the birth to take place by caesarean section. During the life of the claim, interim payments were secured to assist the family with private medical treatment.  The maximum compensation was recovered to assist the minor and the family with this life-changing injury. 

Over the course of her career, Kausar has recovered millions of pounds in compensation for her clients.  Kausar works on a “no win no fee’ basis. This means that you do not have to worry about the financial risk to you. Kausar ensures that your case is dealt with proactively and swiftly, whilst ensuring you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to. 

Why choose Kausar? 

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • No Win No Fee
  • Personable, professional and supportive
  • One person responsible for your claim throughout the process, from start to finish
  • Speed of delivery
  • Keeping you fully and regularly informed throughout the process
  • Explaining complicated legal processes and procedures in an easy jargon-free format 

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