David Pritchard David Pritchard
Consultant Solicitor, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

David qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and has worked on complex cases in litigation and arbitration in the City of London, as well as in major regional firms. 

A former soldier and a current non-executive director of a manufacturing and trading company, David has solid commercial credentials to add to a proven track record in dispute resolution at home and abroad in fields as varied as shareholder disputes, contractual non-performance, institutional breach of financial regulations (including miss-selling), breach of warranty following company sales and across the range of negligence claims.

For nearly all claims, both big and small, the best course of action is to try and negotiate a settlement before becoming embroiled in litigation or arbitration. 

Often this involves mediation or structured negotiation.  David is an accredited mediator who specialises in accelerated dispute resolution: in disputes, time is money, so the faster a good commercial settlement can be reached, the lower the cost.

But when the settlement terms available are unacceptable, the best option may be a determined, focussed and well thought out application to the courts, always with the aim of creating a better environment for negotiation by imposing maximum pressure within the rules to encourage the other side to improve their offer - or face the consequences.

Litigation is risky as well as expensive. The best way of reducing risk is to engage proven experts who can combine clear and understandable legal analysis with an action plan that matches the client's budget with the importance and urgency of their case.

David's length and breadth of legal and commercial experience working on behalf of individuals, companies and institutions who have found themselves in dispute means he is uniquely qualified to deliver the right result as quickly as possible at the right cost.



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