Small Claims Solicitors in Lancaster, Lancashire

Kamran is a Small Claims solicitor in Lancaster with more than 16 years’ experience.

He is a top-drawer solicitor when it comes to client-care and will take as long as is necessary to explain, advise and reassure both before and during the case. Kamran is fast-thinking and robust in his advocacy whilst also being extremely personable and popular with clients. Kamran can advise you on your consumer rights and also assist you in resolving any disputes, either through negotiation, mediation or as a last resort through court proceedings.

The Small Claims procedure applies to the majority of money claims worth up to £10,000.

Many firms of solicitors will not act for clients in small claims matters (where the value of a claim is less than £10,000) because they are not able to provide a cost effective service based on their hourly rates. Setfords Solicitors offer fixed fees for part or full legal representation with bringing or defending civil litigation in the small claims court.

We act for both Claimants and Defendants, whether they are businesses or individuals.

You will not be asked to commit yourself to us for the duration of a case as we will also be happy to assist you at different stages of your case (whether litigated or otherwise).

Our Small Claims solicitors in Lancaster are happy to discuss your matter in more detail and can be contacted on 0330 058 4011 or via the form here.

    Claims allocated to the small claims process include:

  • Claims for compensation for faulty services
  • Claims for compensation for faulty goods
  • Claims relating to breach of contract
  • Building disputes
  • Pursuing unpaid invoices
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants

Why use our Small Claims Solicitors in Lancaster

  • Expert legal advice specific to your matter
  • Being able to make contact with your solicitor out of office hours
  • Affordable fixed fees
  • Discounted fees (if you are eligible) *
  • No hidden charges

*15% Discount is available to:

Serving Armed Forces, Reserve Forces, Veterans, MOD Civil Servants, Cadet Forces (over 16), Spouses/Partners (of currently serving), NATO Personnel serving in the UK

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