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Joanna Abrahams

Joanna Abrahams

Head of Family Law

Joanna heads a team of in excess of 30 family lawyers in the largest virtual law firm in the country. She is based in the London, Chancery Lane office.

Joanna specialises in children matters (and in particular parental alienation/intractable contact cases) as well as in the financial aspects of a breakdown of a marriage.

Joanna is widely published in the legal press as well as having been published in the national press such as in the Telegraph. A great deal of her work is on recommendations from existing or former clients.

What my clients say

“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom on my heart. I really would not have got through this without your guidance and support.”

“Mrs Abrahams is the most diligent, well-researched and fiercely talented solicitor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Driven to achieve the very best outcome and talented/quick thinking enough to deliver on that drive inside and outside of court.”

“Whilst each and every case matters to the parties involved, some cases are life changing. My experience of Setfords Solicitors and Ms Joanna Abrahams was a display of unparalleled talent in multiple areas. Ultimately I received judgments in each and every area of my cases that could not have been improved upon, an outcome without which my life would have changed forever. I cannot recommend Joanna Abrahams, her team or her firm more highly.”

Why Use a Family Law Solicitor in London?

  • Specific targeted legal advice.
  • Expertise in the area.
  • Locality to the Central Family Court and High Court.
  • Convenient and modern offices.

If you wish to contact Joanna to make an appointment please do so via Mrs Jo Spinks by email to or telephone number 01483 408780 extension 2516.

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