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Breaking the law on the UK’s roads can be easily done. Most drivers when caught will never question whether they were in the wrong or not. But a surprising number could have a defendable case.

Our road traffic lawyers in Cardiff have the extensive experience required to handle all variations of road traffic and motoring convictions for all types of vehicles. If you’ve received any form of notification about a driving offence it’s essential you get the right legal advice to ensure you can build the strongest defence.

In circumstances where our Cardiff road traffic solicitors feel that a prosecution is unlikely to be successfully defended we’ll tell you, but we’ll offer advice on how you can reduce the penalty by presenting the mitigating circumstances. If you’d like to find out more about our road traffic legal services please see below or click here to speak to one our friendly team now.

    We can help you with

  • Speeding offences
  • Unsafe/Overloaded vehicles
  • Drink-driving and tachograph offences
  • Offences involving cars, horse-boxes, trailers, articulated or HGV’s

Why use Setfords for Road Traffic & Motoring Offences?

  • We offer a friendly and personal service which is always timely and relevant.
  • We can provide expert advice at a competitive price.
  • Upon instruction you’ll deal with an experienced solicitor from start to finish.
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