To all our valued customers,
Our primary concern is the wellbeing of our loved ones, and that of our staff and customers, and we sincerely hope you are safe and well.
For several weeks we have been preparing our business to ensure we can continue to provide legal services during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Our business model is already built around smart working, with our technology designed to support over 200 lawyers who already work from home, reducing the need for social contact.
The information here outlines how we will continue to operate and what adjustments we are making to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

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    Free Inital Consultation on Settlement Agreements

    If you’ve been offered a settlement agreement, speak to our team now:

    We offer a free consultation nationwide, where you can speak to us on the phone about your settlement agreement so that we can ascertain how we can best help you.

    To find out more about the benefits of accepting a settlement agreement or what a settlement agreement is see below for more details:

    Please note that the consultation will not provide any specific legal advice on your issue however it will allow our team to give you general guidance and suggest next steps in order to progress your settlement agreement.

    What is a settlement agreement?

    A settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) is a formal document that both the employer and employee will sign where the terms of an employee’s exit from the business have been agreed. It is a legal requirement that you receive independent legal advice on the agreement, and your employer will normally make a contribution to the cost of this legal advice.

    At Setfords we have considerable experience advising employees in all industries and at all levels on settlement terms offered to them. We can also negotiate where necessary with your employer to make sure that you are getting the best settlement in the circumstances.

    You may want to leave your employment, or have already done so, but have not yet raised the possibility of a settlement agreement with your employer. Where appropriate we can approach your employer with a view to exiting you from your employment in an agreed manner.

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    What are the benefits of taking a settlement agreement?

    • They are a fast and efficient way to make a clean break from an employer and receive more compensation following a termination than you would under your employment contract or statutory redundancy.
    • The first £30,000 of any compensation under the agreement can usually be paid free of deductions for tax or national insurance contributions.
    • Very often, you will be paid in lieu of notice (PILON) which will reflect your full notice in one lump sum without having to work during this period. PILON payments are usually subject to tax and NIC.
    • A settlement agreement can avoid the lengthy time and cost involved in dealing with a protracted formal complaint or tribunal claim.
    • You have the security of obtaining a pre-agreed wording for a reference to be provided to future potential employers.

    Why use a Setfords lawyer for your settlement agreement?

    • We are highly experienced in advising on settlement agreements and successfully negotiating the terms.
    • We offer a quick and streamlined service to turn around your settlement agreement within expected deadlines.
    • We will invoice your employer directly in respect of their fee contribution.
    • We can provide our advice to you expeditiously to meet tight deadlines which frequently arise with settlement agreements.

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