Separation Agreement Solicitor In Dover

Separation Agreement Solicitor in Dover

Anne Blenkinsop

Anne Blenkinsop

Consultant Solicitor

If you and your spouse are separating, but are not divorcing immediately and have reached an agreement about your finances, you can record your agreement in a Separation Agreement.

Why do I need a Solicitor?

Anne Blenkinsop is a Solicitor with over 23 years experience in family law, drafting Separation Agreements and also advising clients where Separation Agreements have been drafted by other Solicitors. A separation agreement is a contract between you and your spouse. It is advisable that this is professionally drafted and, if you wish to be able to enforce the terms of the agreement, both parties will need to have obtained separate legal advice and fully disclosed to the other their financial circumstances.

What can typically be included in a Separation Agreement?

  • Agreements and promises you are making to each other to do or not do certain things.
  • Agreements for a sale or transfer of property or other assets, payment of a lump sum of money, payment of maintenance.
  • Clean break provisions agreeing that financial claims will not be made in the future.
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Do I need a Separation Agreement?

It is advisable to seek legal advice as to whether a separation agreement is suitable for your situation as it may be more appropriate for you to have a consent order approved by the Court if you are divorcing. Where there is a delay between your separation and divorce it may be sensible to enter into a separation agreement with your spouse. When you decide to divorce at a later date you can then ask the Court to approve your agreement by sending a consent order to the Court. It is important to understand that the Court will not automatically approve the terms of your original agreement. To ensure that your separation agreement stands the best possible chance of being approved by a court, you should seek professional advice at an early stage.

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What do my clients say?

“I would like to thank you for your guidance in this matter which I felt was handled with great sensitivity and attention to detail.”

“I have been struck by the professionalism, clarity of information and explanations provided and by the level of understanding of my needs and circumstances.”

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