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Immigration – Sponsor Licence Renewal

Do I need to renew my Sponsor Licence?

A sponsor licence is granted for an initial period of 4 years subsequent to which a renewal application must be made. If you have any sponsored migrants working for you, you must renew your licence before it expires if you want them to continue working for you, even if you do not plan to sponsor any new migrants.

We recommend that you renew your licence early, or at least one month before the expiry date. If you apply in good time, you will have the chance to apply again if your application is rejected.

If you do not apply to renew your licence by the licence end date and it expires, you will no longer be a licensed sponsor from the date that it expired. This means that:

  • Your company will be removed from the ‘Register of licensed sponsors’
  • The Home Office will curtail (shorten) the Tier 2 leave of any migrants you are sponsoring, normally to 60 calendar days
  • You cannot assign any more Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to any non-EEA or Swiss nationals to work with your company in the UK

What is the Sponsor Licence renewal process?

The Home Office will write to you 120 calendar days before the expiry of your licence to confirm your licence expiry date and tell you that you will soon need to apply to renew it. The Home Office will write to you again 90 calendar days before the expiry of your licence to remind you to renew your licence.

More reminders to renew your licence will be sent by the Home Office:

  • 60 calendar days before it is due to expire
  • 30 calendar days before it is due to expire
  • 14 calendar days before it is due to expire

You must apply to renew your licence using your Sponsorship Management System (SMS) account. You will be able to make your renewal application from 90 days before the expiry date of your licence.

The application to renew your sponsor licence must be submitted online by the Authorising Officer and prior to the renewal application, all of the key personnel, organisation and sponsored migrant details as recorded on your licence must be up to date. You must also ensure that you are compliant with any requirements that have been introduced since your first licence approval.

What will happen if my Sponsor Licence renewal application is accepted?

If your renewal application is accepted, the Home Office will temporarily extend the expiry date of your licence to allow time to conduct any checks deemed necessary before deciding your application.

The checks could include asking you to send documents or information. The Home Office may want to see any documents listed in Appendix A of the guidance for sponsors as mandatory documents for anyone applying for a new sponsor licence. The Home Office may also ask for other information or documents. If the Home Office write to ask for any information or documents, you must send them within 5 working days.

If you do not send the documents within this time, the Home Office will take action against you. This can include:

  • Reducing or removing your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) allocation
  • Downgrading your licence to a B-rating
  • Suspending your licence pending further investigation
  • Revoking your licence

The Home Office may visit you when you apply to renew your licence. If you are an A-rated sponsor at the time you apply and, on the visit, the Home Office have concerns about any of your actions as a sponsor, the Home Office will either:

  • Grant your application to renew your licence but downgrade it to a B-rating
  • Revoke your licence

What happens if the Sponsor Licence is downgraded to a B-rating?

A B-rating is a transitional rating. If you are a B-rated sponsor, you must improve your performance enough to be upgraded to an A-rating within a specified time limit, not exceeding 3 months. If you do not, your licence will be revoked.

If the Home Office award a B-rating, you will not be able to assign any Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to sponsor new employees, add any new branches or a new tier to your licence until:

  • You have demonstrated your commitment to make improvements by signing up to the measures set out in an action plan
  • You have paid the action plan fee

If you are awarded a B-rating, you must adhere to the action plan which will set out the steps you must take to return to an A-rating. For example, this might include making improvements to your record-keeping, improving your control over staff who assign Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) or improving communication between your different branches.

What happens if my Sponsor Licence is revoked?

If the Home Office revoke your licence, it will:

  • Immediately curtail (shorten) the permission to stay in the UK of any migrants whom the Home Office believe were actively and knowingly involved (complicit) in the reasons for the revocation of your licence
  • Curtail (shorten) the permission to stay in the UK of any other migrants usually to 60 calendar days unless the migrant has fewer than 60 calendar days of their leave remaining
  • Cancel the entry clearance visa of any migrant who has not yet travelled to the UK
  • Refuse any settlement applications for Tier 2 migrants which are being considered

Can I apply again if my Sponsor Licence is revoked?

Once your licence has been revoked, you will be subject to a cooling-off period which prevents you from making another sponsor licence application for a period of 12-months.

How can Setfords help you with your Sponsor Licence renewal?

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