Housing Disrepair Solicitor In Leeds

Housing Disrepair Solicitor in Leeds

Stephanie Miers

Stephanie Miers

Consultant Solicitor

Stephanie Miers is a specialist Housing Lawyer in Leeds with experience in helping scores of tenants across the country get their property repaired to a proper standard.

Landlords have a legal repairing obligation to ensure that their property is in a state of repair, which includes installations such as heating and hot water. Stephanie is dedicated to helping tenants resolve issues with their landlords to enable her clients to live peacefully and happily in their homes.

Stephanie works hard to get her clients’ properties repaired quickly with little hassle. She is able to effectively advise on any potential claims for compensation and she will try her best to obtain the best award possible to help tenants get back on their feet.

What is a disrepair case?

If a complaint has been made to a landlord about disrepair such as leaks, damp, infestations or an issue with installations such as no heating or hot water and that complaint has been ignored, a solicitor can pursue a claim for specific performance which is an order from the court that the required repair work must be completed.

Ordinarily a solicitor can work with the landlord to get the repair work done, without any involvement with the court. A tenant might also be entitled to a percentage of their rent back for the period of time they have lived in disrepair.

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Benefits of instructing Stephanie?

  • No win, no fee agreements
  • Expert housing advice and assistance
  • The potential to receive compensation for financial losses and any stress and inconvenience of living in a property in disrepair
  • Direct dealings with your landlord so the tenant can relax and able the lawyer to do the work for them
  • Effective repair work of the property for peace of mind that the property is in a fit state of repair.

If you would like to discuss a potential case in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Miers on 0151 203 0178 or email at smiers@setfords.co.uk.

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