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    The telecommunications industry is evolving; the transformation is rapid, bold and permanent. To keep up, your business needs to assess the challenges and opportunities raised by next-generation networks that offer further improved network performance, reliability, higher capacity, new business models and innovative services.

    Telecommunications Law involves both private disputes amongst contracting parties at various stages of the service chain. As the telecommunications industry is considered an essential public utility, it is regulated by OFCOM.

    The delivery of UK telecommunications services is subject to a regulatory regime which is under the legislative framework of the Communications Act 2003. The Act implemented core EU directives, which were designed to provide the core framework for electronic communications in Europe.

    It is evident that Brexit will bring new challenges to the telecommunications sector as over a decade and a half of harmonisation will begin to deteriorate.

    In addition to being able to provide support for the full range of business law services that impact your business, our consultant lawyers can advise you on a range of issues specific to telecoms operators, including:

    • Multi-National Telecoms Operators / Governments / Regulators
    • Fibre Optic Cable Operators
    • Voice Over IP/Broadband
    • Satellite internet
    Richard Holland

    Richard Holland

    Richard Holland is a highly versatile commercial and charities solicitor who is currently living and working on the remote British Overseas Territory of St Helena where he advises the St Helena Government on a broad portfolio of commercial, contractual, charity, procurement, property and telecommunications/cyber-related legal matters.

    Richard has expertise in dealing with a range of complex legal issues, often for fascinating and unusual clients; such as International NGOs, government entities and charities. Richard is also a former British Army Officer.

    Richard is happy to discuss opportunities for new instructions in the following areas:

    • Charity law; including in relation to NGOs, Church Law, and other religious or educational charities.
    • Commercial contracts.
    • Commercial disputes.
    • Military law.
    • Property law.
    • In house support to companies and charities, including legal crisis management.

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