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Dental Negligence Claims

Dental claims are often due to inadequate treatment from an NHS Dentist or poor treatment from a Private Dentist. Our specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitors can deal with all forms of Dental Negligence Claims.

Dental errors can be both painful and expensive to put right to start with and the potential cost of longer-term treatment due to the damage that the initial negligent treatment has caused. Dental pain can be one of the most invasive, prolonged and complex forms of pain to treat. In addition to the loss of a good smile, the pain can also commonly cause an associated psychological injury.

Dental negligence claims can be due to many factors, including careless work and incorrect or inadequate work. There could be obvious issues, such as the wrong tooth being extracted. There is often a failed dental procedure and/or poor dental treatment, resulting in dental issues or failure to carry out x-rays prior to treatment, causing unnecessary treatment and pain and suffering.

There might be a failure with the consent process. Dentists should be clear when undertaking any form of treatment that the patient is well aware of the alternative treatments that may be suitable for them and the risks and benefits of each treatment option to make an informed decision before agreeing to commence the dental treatment.

There are a wide range of different dental negligence claims. Data from one major dental defence organisation, the Dental Defence Union, indicated the following breakdown of the most common types of claims:

  • Negligent extractions (likely leading to nerve injury) 24%
  • Negligent root canal treatment 20%
  • Negligent dental treatment dealing with cavities and fillings 17%
  • Negligent dental treatment dealing with dental implants 9%

By instructing an independent Clinical Negligence Solicitor who is experienced in dealing with negligent dental treatment claims, you can be safe in the knowledge that what has happened before, during and after your treatment can be adequately investigated. Quite often, with dental claims finding out that the dental treatment is below the standard expected is just the beginning. The need to rectify the treatment and then factor in the long term health and financial impact of increased dental work must be considered.

Nicola Cummings, a specialist medical negligence solicitor based in Worcester, stated, “even as recently as March this year, we are seeing stories coming out from whistleblowers that Dental practices are not dealing with patients. In some cases, they are taking patients off their NHS book and only offering more costly private appointments leading to patients having to contact their GPs for antibiotics or even contacting A&E”. The care levels currently being offered are not near the standard needed for patients who are suffering and in pain and rely on Dental experts to administer treatment. Nicola Cummings also stated, “when a patient receives the treatment they rightly assume that this is being done in their best interest to provide them with immediate respite for their suffering and their long term dental health and well being”.

If you have concerns over treatment you have or have not received please contact Nicola Cummings, a specialist medical negligence solicitor on 01905 675841 or email

This note is not intended to substitute legal advice from your instructed lawyer. You should always consult with your lawyer directly regarding any specific queries you may have.

Nicola Cummings
Nicola Cummings

Senior Consultant Solicitor

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