Today has become known as “Divorce Day” as legal firms commonly see the highest number of divorce proceedings begin. It is a day when many couples, who have tried to hold it together over the festive season, finally lose it and can take no more. The unfortunate reality at this point for many couples is that once proceedings have started the process can become very lengthy and expensive. It is this long process that the government has said they are keen to shorten and try to expedite. In response to this it has pledged to add to the funding available for mediation, taking the total funding to £25 million.

Mediation is often a valuable part of a divorce proceeding and can often take up to a quarter of the time and at a vastly reduced cost. This is in place of taking the divorce through the court system, which is often seen when couples cannot agree on certain aspects, largely around the financial settlement. Figures suggest a difference as big as £500 (cost of meditation) vs £4,000 (court cost).  Using a mediator is done along side a solicitor and they will discuss with the couple how they wish to divide their assets etc and try to come to a happy solution.

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