Judge gives go ahead for surgery on Neon Roberts

The Family Division of the High Court has ruled against the mother of a boy who doctors say urgently needs life saying radiotherapy. The mother of Neon Roberts has opposed the access to medical treatment for her son following a recent operation on a brain tumor.

Earlier this week doctors told the court that Neon required further surgery to operate on a residual tumor left behind from the previous surgery. Mrs. Roberts, who had previously dismissed her family lawyer, was told by the judge that she was not accepting the evidence from the experts, including those of a second opinion provided by the court. Mrs. Roberts said that she wanted to get further opinions from other experts before she allowed her son to undergo radiotherapy which she said could cause long term damage.

Mr Justice Bodey has ruled that the surgery should go ahead on Wednesday. He rejected arguments that the growth found on the MRI could not be scar tissue from the previous surgery and has sided with the doctors who have said that it was “highly likely” Neon would die within a “relatively short period” without further treatment.

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