Equal pay is still not really equal

A leading judge, Lord Justice Mummery, has stated that while in the UK there is legislation for equal pay between the sexes, it has simply result in “interminable legislation” and done nothing to really narrow the gap between men and women’ pay packets.

The argument is that the legislation should not be focused on placating disagreements between employers and their staff and employees fighting for what they feel are their rights, but simply to eliminate sex discrimination; creating equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. Instead, Lord Justice Mummery has said,

“Over 30 years of litigation have not eradicated unjustified pay discrimination against both women and men. Equal pay litigation in the Employment Tribunals has now reached almost epidemic proportions…”

The appeal judge’ comments come in response to a recent case is in the Court of Appeal where nine woman brought a case against the Audit Commission, claiming to be victims of indirect sex discrimination. Lord Justice Mummery claimed that this indirect cases were much more difficult than most employment tribunal cases as it is very much down to the evidence and trying to prove a claim like this is very difficult. The three Court of Appeal judges on the case dismissed the appeal 2-1 and ruled in favour of the Audit Commission.

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