Take a ‘lower profile’ a High Court judge is warned

Sir Paul Coleridge has been told by the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) that he should reduce his profile at the think tank, Marriage Foundation, of which is founder and chairman. The foundation was set up with aim of championing marriage and helping couples resolve disputes and stay together rather than separation and divorce. This involvement, coupled with Sir Paul’ outspoken views, calling divorce and family breakdown as the “destructive scourge”, has led to a complaint by a barrister to the OJC and led to Sir Paul being investigated. The complaint claimed that his involvement in the Foundation compromised his responsibilities.

However, the watchdog did not find Coleridge involvement in this campaign to be enough to compromise his position as a judge and could not be classes as “judicial misconduct”. Despite this the OJC has said that Sir Paul has agreed to reduce his profile as this would be more “appropriate” for someone is his position.

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