Ash dieback almost impossible to eradicate

The Department for the Environment has stated that it will be difficult to completely eradicate the ash dieback disease which is sweeping across the UK, as now the fungus has been found in more mature trees and have been infected for over 2 years. The department has stated that younger tree will be destroyed but older, more mature tree will not be burned as was originally suggested as they contribute to the wider environmental community. For example they crucial to wildlife and can also be used for fuel.

There are fears that this fungus will have the same effect on the tree population as was seen in the 1970s for the UK elm population. It is believed that the ash tree forms 1/3 of the entire tree population in the UK.

Proposals to tackle the issue and stop it spreading have been put forward at a special Cobra meeting, usually only convened for matters of national emergency such as terrorism.

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