Potential increase to household energy bills from nuclear reactor build

EDF Energy have recently proposed plans for new nuclear reactors on a plant to be built in Somerset. The government is negotiating with the business to implement long term reductions in electricity prices in return for subsidies taken from all UK electricity consumers.

EDF has not formally published level of subsidies it may be looking for, but the businesses chief executive has said that the price would be less than £140 megawatts/hour. Mr. Marchant, who is the chief executive of Scottish & Southern Electric (SSE) claims that this figure is far too high and is encouraging the government to not consider the plan unless EDT can get their proposed levels to around £65 megawatts/hour. This difference equates to about £70 per household in levy savings. These levels are thought by pro-nuclear and environmental experts to be much too high.

The Supporters of Nuclear Energy has advised the government that it really needs to think about how this can benefit the country as a whole, and while the move to nuclear is believed by many to be the way forward, the government has a responsibility to protect the nation and households bills and not go down the route of a deal unless the nation is getting value for money.

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