Government continues with no third runway pledge

It has been widely agreed by all three of the major parties that a third runway at Heathrow is not the right path for the UK. They have all taken into consideration the thoughts of local residence, aviation experts as well as environmental and business experts. However, the topic has been brought again to the forefront following a call from a number of ministers for the government to have another rethink on the issue.

There are a number of concerns around noise levels, pollution and disruption to the local area which have all featured in the debate, as well as the argument that another short runway is not the answer as the world continues to develop bigger and faster aeroplanes. The option of the new hub airport, as was proposed by Mayor Boris Johnson looks to be one solution to this.

Among the ministers urging the rethink is Housing Minister Grant Shapps who says the environmental issues are disappearing and there is a real threat that newer more environmentally friendly planes will avoid London and utilise other airports across Europe which could be detrimental to the UK’ aviation industry.

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