G20 Pathologist found professionally negligent

The Medical Parishioners Tribunal Service has ruled that the pathologist for Ian Tomlinson is ‘not fit to practise’. Dr Freddy Patel said that Ian Tomlinson, who was a newspaper seller and got caught up in the G20 protests, died of coronary heart disease. This has now been deemed incorrect by the tribunal service, and medical reports now say that Mr. Tomlinson died as a result of an injury to his liver which caused internal bleeding which let to the cardiac arrest.

The policeman, Pc Simon Harwood who pushed Mr. Tomlinson has been cleared of manslaughter but now is awaiting Met Police Disciplinary proceedings.Dr Patel has a number of professional negligence claims against him which has already resulted in a ban, it is claimed he was dishonest and omitted key findings following a port mortem of a murder victim he said had died from natural causes.The contents of this article are intended for general information purposes only and shall not be deemed to be, or constitute legal advice. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of acts or omissions taken in respect of this article.Setfords Solicitors are a national full service law firm, with professional negligence Solicitors in Guildford