Consultant Spotlight – June 2012

Every month we interview one of our consultants as a way to get to know them better and gain a bit more insight into individual practice areas. This month we put the spotlight on Greg Barnbrook, a consultant in Guildford specialising in property litigation.

  1. Can you remember what inspired you to become a lawyer?
    I was working in a small law firm doing marketing and events work. I was working with the lawyers to produce their marketing literature and became fascinated with the law so decided to do my conversion (Graduate Diploma in Law) and Legal practice Course.
  2. Why have you chosen to work within the consultancy model rather than traditional private practice?
    I was previously at a large legal 500 firm but whilst I was working with no supervision and making all the decisions in respect of the cases I was working on I did not have the financial benefits of doing so. Plus I have always wanted to work for myself.
  3. What is the most challenging part of working within your practice area?
    Having litigants in person on the other side. They can be extremely challenging to deal with and are given a lot of leeway by the Court.
  4. Best moment in career so far?
    My first case (and success) in the Court of Appeal.
  5. What aspect of your personality is most valuable to you as a lawyer?
  6. What would be your tip to the law students of the day?
    Make your training applications to a law firm that suits you (and plenty of them). You don’t have to apply to the huge city firms it may be that you are more suited to a medium size firm or a high street practice. Get as much experience in law firms or legal advice centres as possible as it can often turn into a training contract and will get you used to fee earning. A lot of responsibility is given to trainees!
  7. If you are not at work what would you rather be doing?
  8. When you were a child what was your favourite tv show?
  9. What is your favourite food?
  10. Marmite love it or hate it?
    Love it.


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